Is Turkey A Good Place To Live With Family?
Almost half of the foreign property investors prefer to settle permanently in Turkey, according to the statistics. Although Turkey is a great country to make a profitable investment, it’s also offering an exciting yet peaceful life to live in with your family.

It’s a truth that moving in another coutry with your spouse and children can be a quite challenging idea: a different geography, a different language and a totally different community. Your worried mind may be suffering around the possibilities. But the fact is much more optimistic. Turkey is a part of global world and your family can easily integrate into the Turkish way of life. Besides, remember that Turkish people are one of the most hospiable peoples around the world!

There are a bunch of reasons why Turkey is suitable to settle in with your family. One of them, it has a very good healthcare system, and it’s getting better in time. The reason is that the whole medical infrastructure underwent a radical change in more than 15 years. Hospitals and polyclinics are more modern now. Moreoever, Turkish doctors and hospitals have an international fame for their quality. No need to say that it is free and easy to benefit from medical services in emergency.

The reasons why international tourists prefer Turkey is also counted for moving in Turkey too. It is difficult to ignore the fact that the weather is great! Located in Mediterranean Coast, Turkey has long and warm days, although it is possible to enjoy all seasons in a year. Speaking of location, being a mediterranean country and its connections with the Eastern world, needless to say, put Turkish cuisine into a world-famous category. Markets, restaurants and cafes are full of wide range of fresh vegetables, fruits and different plates to adore!

Moving in another country can also be challenging financially. But, Turkey has relatively low cost of living. Having a dinner in a fancy restaurant, travelling summer cities, losing yourself in many indoor and outdoor activities and daily expenses are so low that it may help you save! For sure, that’s one of the reasons why there are so many pensioners spending their most valuable time under the Turkish sun!

What Are The Conveniences Of Living In Turkey With Family?
Living in a country where most of the population is Muslim and open to different cultures and religions can be a great experience. While Muslim expats prefer to live in Turkey since living in a Muslim country makes it easy for them as well as enjoying the modernity, non-muslim expats prefer to live in Turkey thanks to its modern, friendly and diversed way of life.

Imagine this, while enjoying mediterranean sun and great cuisine, you and your family can also take advantage of amazing cultural events and outdoor sports from contemporary art galleries, historical sites and amazing museums to skiing, trekking and water sports.
However, Turkey is not a country where the only benefit is warm sands and lovely climate with fantastic food. Recently, the government changed the regulation for citizenship by investment regarding both purchasing property and making capital investment. Don’t forget that trade is highly dynamic and there many commercial opportunities to found your own business in Turkey!

Also, your children can take advantage of quality universities and their wide range of programs. Especially large cities has reputable instutions offering education programs from social sciences, communication and management programs to business certificate programs.

What Are The Educational Opportunities For My Children In Turkey?
The population of expats in Turkey is increasing every year. No surprise that the number of foreign-language speaking children is increasing too. Education in Turkey has also been improving year by year. The discussions for a better system seems forever, but this helped many schools changed educational approach into more modern technics. Recently, many international schools or private schools offering education in foreign languages joined the Turkish educational system. Besides, most of the expats prefer their children to continue local Turkish schools so that the cultural adaptation process would be easier for families.

Is Turkey Safe Enough For My Family?
Not only for tourists, but also for expats, Turkey is generally reported as a safe country to travel and live in. Every year more and more foreigners are moving in Turkey and they continue living in mostly large cities without problems. Indeed, looking at crime rates, Turkey is considered relatively safe in comparison to many countries. Large cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya have strong and quick security and emergency services. Still, the tourists and expats may encounter unwell incidents such as pickpocketing and muggings. Although safety in Turkey is taken into consideration seriously by people in charge, being careful and watching your wallet and bag will be a good precaution to protect yourself.

Can My Family Get Turkish Citizenship?
Yes! Turkish Citizenship for your family is not difficult to get. As to the new regulation, if you make real estate investment minimum of $250k USD (or the equal value in Turkish Lira) you will be able to obtain Turkish Citizenship. This also means that your family (your spouse and children under 18 years old) can obtain Turkish Citizenship too. On condition that you complete all the documents for application of your family, it usually take 3-6 months to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

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