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Turkey is like a mosaic, which is also a natural bridge between Asia and Europe and is home to both eastern and western civilizations. Combining its long history dating back to thousands of years ago and its cultural diversity with its 80-million young and dynamic population, Turkish republic has become an ideal location for the investors planning to invest in a country growing every year.

Turkish economy is a refined and unique system all over the world. The system stands on banking and it is full free marketing system. After 2001 crisis, Turkish Republic organised all its economic and banking system; this was a new and successful story for Turkey. In 2008; while there was crisis all over the world; Turkey wasn’t affected thanks to the Central Bank of The Turkish Republic, and free market was strong in cash and had given right decisions. The Central Bank never stopped of the Free Marketing System. So the trust in Turkey has grown.

In 2002, the growth of Turkish economy was 231 Billion USD. In year 2018, the growth has reached to 960 Billion USD. Despite the exchange rate fluctuation in summer months in 2018, with the strong economic structure system, the exchange rates were healed immediately. Again in 2018, the growth is already 5%, which is one of the biggest growth rates among OECD Countries. Of course the increase in exchange rates help Turkey export more. Regarding the export growth between the years 2002 and 2018, the change rate is 350%. Turkey made 170 billion USD export just in 11 months of 2018.

With the banking system and technological infrastructure, Turkish Republic is ready for future which has already directly invested over 200 billion USD in just 15 years. Unbreakable and growing economy of Turkey will always be the most dazzling side for the investors.

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