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Istanbul , Esenyurt
Starting from 350,000$
Project Land 35000m2
Total Units 1800
Istanbul , Esenyurt
Starting from 81,407$
Project Land 11000m2
Total Units 363
Istanbul , Esenyurt
Starting from 89,000$
Project Land 103800m2
Total Units 2392
Istanbul , Büyükçekmece
Starting from 129,064$
Project Land 92293m2
Total Units 709
Istanbul , Üsküdar
Starting from 97,838$
Project Land 66000m2
Total Units 320
Istanbul , Zeytinburnu
Starting from 203,518$
Project Land 16734m2
Total Units 404
Istanbul , Kağıthane
Starting from 85,401$
Project Land 80000m2
Total Units 523
Istanbul , Sarıyer
Starting from 100,572$
Project Land 36750m2
Total Units 935
Istanbul , Esenyurt
Starting from 39,008$
Project Land 0m2
Total Units 749
Bursa , Osmangazi
Starting from 40,534$
Project Land 48000m2
Total Units 990


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