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The Most Asked Questions About Turkey

"For those who are planning real estate investment in Turkey, the country is a total mystery in some aspects. With its unique geography, high population, peculiar culture and dynamic economy may arise many questions in minds. In this post, we compiled some of the most asked questions about Turkey.”

The Most Glamourous Street Of Istanbul: Bagdat Street

“Just a few minutes away from Marmara Sea, the ferry and even all the transportation network... Imagine a very large street where you can find the perfect comfort! A street where you can breath the sea breeze, stroll around the fanciest restaurants and cafes as well as the most luxurious brands’ stores: Here is Bagdat Street”

Esenyurt Guide

“A close proximity to main roads, quality schools, large hospitals and impressive parks... Esenyurt is growing more and more. Not an old area but Esenyurt is offering so much to its residents. Let’s take a closer look into the region and discover what’s hidden!”

Sapanca City Guide

“Sapanca, one of the nicest places to live in Turkey thanks to its comfortably lifestyle, charming environment and fertile lands, is becoming more and more interesting for foreigners. In this blog post, you can some nots about Sapanca.”

International Schools and Education in Turkey

“There are more than ten international schools in Istanbul. The number is increasing every year. In Istanbul, it is highly possible to find any international school providing education in Arabic, English, Russian, German and French languages.”

District Guide: Life In Basaksehir

Basaksehir, formerly known as Azatlik, remained as family property until approximately 1952. The farm, since then, has slowly been sold and started to be replaced with modern buildings.

A New Life: Moving In Turkey With Family

Since it is located right between Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, Turkey is a unique example for a connection between Eastern and Western cultures. This, of course, provides those who are planning to move in Turkey with an uncomparable opportunity to experience various worlds safely and happily. Life in Turkey is a must-have experince!

Why Invest To Turkey: Developing Cities of Turkey

“Turkish cities have developed to a large extent in the last 30 years. Cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Kocaeli, Gaziantep and Antalya have seen enormous infrastructure change. From transportation to various social facilities, urban transformation turned Turkish cities into both historical and modern living areas. In this post, we had a look at the timeline that these modern Turkish cities evolved.”

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