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Education in Turkey: Universities

Turkey has become more and more preferable for foreign students thanks to its facilities, the quality of education and increasing standards of living. Today, with the ever-expanding opportunities of course, almost every city in Turkey has its own university and it is not very difficult to receive undergraduate or postgraduate education for foreign students.

Growing Healthcare Capacity of Turkey

Higher intensive care unit capacity than western world, highest bed number at its hospitals, free healthcare service for all, increasing number of ventilation production and growing support for foreign countries battling with covid-19. Here is Turkey’s notable success in healthcare system.

Key Facts for Turkish Learners

Turkish, mother tongue of more than 200 million people today, is spoken in different geographies from Russia to China and from Balkan countries to Lebanon.

Historic Mosques In Istanbul

Blending culture and art with its own unique style, Istanbul transforms its historical texture into a painting thanks to each with its own beautiful mosques and famous Istanbul silhouette created by these mosques. We compiled the leading Istanbul mosques with their rising to the sky minarets and their peaceful architecture.

$15.4B economic aid package from Turkey

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced a lot of measures for companies, businesses and institutions that might be affected by coronavirus's economic impact.

“No Virus is Stronger Than Turkey”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed to Turkish public last night in relation to the spread of the coronavirus, Erdoğan shared a number of measures as well as advices for public health after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Turkey.

All about Istanbul New Airport

On 29 October 2018, TV channels and newspapers shared the the news of the largest structure built since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. Started operating in October in 2018 and being on service for passengers since 6th of April 2019, Isanbul New Airport got the attention of the global media as a giant transfer point that makes transcontinental travel possible.

Explore the city: Nişantaşı

If Şişli had a glittering showcase, it would be Nişantaşı.The smart yet fancy child of the region, it is gently blending art, culture, cuisine, ambiance and fashion into each other. Nişantaşı is the best of all times.

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