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5 Great Museums of Historical Peninsula

Home to impressive museums and many historical landmarks, Istanbul is one of the most-visited cities in the world, especially for the history-culture exploration enthusiasts.

Climate of Turkey: Four Seasons to Enjoy

The sun touches warmly, the wind breezes gently. The climate of Turkey is a preview from paradise. However, since Turkey has a diverse nature of the landscape and the mountains run parallel to the coasts, the temperature varies.

Get Turkish Citizenship This Year!

Turkey made remarkable changes to their Turkish Citizenship by Investment program in 2018. These changes let new investors to acquire citizenship by spending minimum 250,000USD. The regulated program is now one of the most affordable and exciting citizenship programs around the world.

Public transportation getting easier in Istanbul

The good news came from the Transport and Infrastructure Minister. Apparently, Istanbul, which is the grand metropole of Turkey, is adding two new subway lines to available ones. The new subway line is announced to be nearly 13km.

Education in Turkey: Universities

Turkey has become more and more preferable for foreign students thanks to its facilities, the quality of education and increasing standards of living. Today, with the ever-expanding opportunities of course, almost every city in Turkey has its own university and it is not very difficult to receive undergraduate or postgraduate education for foreign students.

Growing Healthcare Capacity of Turkey

Higher intensive care unit capacity than western world, highest bed number at its hospitals, free healthcare service for all, increasing number of ventilation production and growing support for foreign countries battling with covid-19. Here is Turkey’s notable success in healthcare system.

Key Facts for Turkish Learners

Turkish, mother tongue of more than 200 million people today, is spoken in different geographies from Russia to China and from Balkan countries to Lebanon.

Historic Mosques In Istanbul

Blending culture and art with its own unique style, Istanbul transforms its historical texture into a painting thanks to each with its own beautiful mosques and famous Istanbul silhouette created by these mosques. We compiled the leading Istanbul mosques with their rising to the sky minarets and their peaceful architecture.

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