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Antalya, which is completely located within the Mediterranean region and under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, is the city having the highest number of ancient sites in Turkey. Because of its natural beauty, historical sites and unique features for a qualified life.
Antalya, which is a tourism centre on the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey, has a population of 2.3 million. The economy of the city, which has been used as a main settlement since ancient times, is based on trade and tourism. Antalya, which is completely located within the Mediterranean region and under the influence of the Mediterranean climate, is the city having the highest number of ancient sites in Turkey. Because of its natural beauty, historical sites and unique features for a qualified life, Antalya is a place where not only Turkish citizens but also everyone who has visited Turkey is fascinated by its beauty of the people who come and settle here. It excites people who come and settle here with its charm.
The remains of 40 thousand years ago were found in the excavations carried out in Antalya. Since 2000 BC; Antalya served as the city state of various countries such as Hittite, Pamphylia, Lycia, Cilicia, and was ruled under the Persians, Alexander the Great and the kingdom of Pergamon. One of the words used for Antalya and its surroundings during these periods is Pamphylia, which means “very fertile”.
It is estimated that Antalya, which means "Attalos yurdu", was founded with this name during the reign of Pergamon Kingdom in the 2nd century BC. According to the story, Pergamum King Attalos commands his servants to find a paradise-like land; up on this command, his servants discovers the region and agrees upon Antalya as the most fertile land of Anatolia.
The city joined the Roman Empire in 77 BC and became a naval base during this period. It was used as the centre of the episcopacy during the Byzantine period. Living its golden age in the 2nd and 3rd century, the city entered under the Turkish rule in 1207.
Antalya has a mountainous landscape in more than 70 percent of its land area, and Toros Mountains cover a large part of the city. The city is enchanted by the mountains that extend to the sky, unique beaches, lush flora and colorful flowers make it a paradise for its inhabitants. For sure, the waterfalls, caves, bays and natural parks of Antalya, which is home to different natural beauties due to its geographical diversity, are certainly worth seeing.
Caves: In fact, approximately 500 caves have been identified in Antalya so far. But a few of them are of international importance. The Cave of Karain in the centre of Antalya, Damlataş and Dim caves in Alanya District attract huge interest. Karain Cave is one of the largest natural caves in Turkey and has been used as a permanent settlement place in the Protohistoric Ages and Classical Age. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cave is full of important cultural remains. Because of the feature of the air in the cave, Damlataş is known to be a healing place for the people with asthma. Dim Cave, which is known as one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey, attracts several tourists for being so close to Alanya and the outside area of the cave is covered with picnic area and forests.
Waterfalls: Although there are many large and small waterfalls in the city, some of them are very interesting for both tourists and for those living in Antalya. The most famous one in Antalya is Manavgat Waterfall which is located 72 km away from the city centre in Manavgat district. Although the river waters do not fall from high, it offers a beautiful view since it spreads in a very wide area with high flow rates. Düden Waterfall, which is located about 10 km from the city centre, the cave behind it and the sound of water invite visitors to a completely different world. Kurşunlu Waterfall, which falls from 18 meters above the ground, is known for those who want to spend good time as a popular hub with its view, observation terrace, promenade trails and picnic area.
Natural Parks: There are 4 major national parks and 1 nature park in Antalya. These are Beydagları (Olympos) National Park, Köprülü Canyon National Park, Güllük Mountain National Park and Altınbeşik Cave National Park, which are preferred by local and foreign tourists as a recreational area.
Olympos Park, which offers a fascinating view of the forest cover consisting of red pine trees, has 25 unique endemic plants and is also it is possible to see rare plants in the coastal area. Köprülü Canyon consists of a unique botanical area. Visitors who spend time in the park including a popular rafting area, can also see the ruins of the ancient city of Selge. Güllük Mountain Park, located around the ruins of Termessoss city, consists of valleys and canyons. There are a wide variety of rare animal species in the park frequently visited by tourists.
Under the Mediterranean climate, Antalya has various weather temperatures in coastal areas compared to the inner parts. Its inner part is under the warm sea climate. In other words, summers are hot and dry, winters are rainy and warm. However, the inner part of Antalya is dominated by semi-terrestrial climate. Summer temperatures range from 30-34 °C degrees. In January, the temperature is 9-15°C degrees. Snowfall or frost are very rare weather events. It is possible to experience a long and hot summer especially in the coastal regions of Antalya where the humidity is 64 percent. the air humidity rate is relatively high especially in July and August. Only 40-50 days of the year is cloudy and rainy. This makes the city available for tourism activities for 12 months of the year. It is also possible to swim in a blue and clear sea in 9 months of the year.
Antalya, a city where culture and art are integrated harmoniously, has a special place in the hearts of those who pass through with its blue sea, breath-taking Toros Mountains, colourful plateaus and the hidden nature with clear waterfalls. In Antalya, alternative tourism activities such as alpinism (climbing), caving and trekking can be linked to the geographical diversity of the city.
Plateaus: A cooler, fresher and more peaceful place in a season when everyone runs away from the hot summer weather… Antalya has many plateaus, but the popular ones are the Feslikan Plateau, Gömbeye Plateau, Saklıkent Plateau, Gedevet Plateau, Gökbel Plateau, Üçoluk Plateau and Finike-Dübübek Plateau. With green mountains, clean air, enjoyable festivals which are organized every year and peaceful camping areas, Antalya plateaus are great places to experience unforgettable moments. It is possible to drive to all these plateaus which are home to many tourism activities.
Lycia Road: Starting from Fethiye to Antalya and being one of the most beautiful 10 longest hiking route in the world, Lycian way consists of 21 stages and 509 km in total. It is possible to create one day trips or weekend trips, along with enjoying and the unique beauty of the city and hidden bays and untouched nature on Lycian route in Antalya.
Ancient Cities and Museums: With its rich history, Antalya is of course famous for its ancient cities. Hundreds of archaeological sites are important not only for Turkey but also for the cultural heritage of the whole world. Maybe the most important one is Appends Ancient City. Known for its huge amphitheatre, the city is a must-see place. The ancient city of Side, located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, is known especially for its Temple of Apollo. The ancient city of Myra, located in Demre District, is known for its tombs carved into rocks. One of the richest cities of its time, Myra is home to the most magnificent theatre in Lycia. In addition, other must-see places are Olympus Ancient City, Termessos Ancient City, Simena Ancient City. Antalya Museum, which was founded to protect the works that survived the World War I, consists of 14 exhibition halls and various works presented in an area of 30 thousand square meters.
Beaches: The beaches where turquoise sea, clean sand, warm weather and wonderful scenery come together İn Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean region, should be visited regardless of the season without hesitation. Antalya has enough beaches to fill a book and all of them are beautiful with their own unique view.
Antalya's most famous beach is Konyaalti Beach. The 1.5 km long beach can be crowded any time of the day because it is located right in the city centre. Visitors can sunbathe, swim, dine or enjoy a wonderful view of the sea in Konyaalti Beach. Another famous beach is Cleopatra Beach which is like a reflection of heaven with its crystal sea, shallow waters and wide coastline. The beach is named after the famous Egyptian Queen.
Lara Beach, located in Lara as one of the exclusive districts of Antalya, is one of the central places that is very easy to reach. It is known that the sand is good for rheumatism, and the beach is surrounded by pine forests makes it possible to see a great view. Another one, Kemer District is famous for its beautiful beach, where all tourists never end the vacation without seeing it. It is considered as an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the sea during the day and have fun in the evening.
Incekum Beach, which is famous for its fine sands, is a great area especially for campers. Both the scenery and the clear water gives the privilege of connecting with nature. Kaputaş Beach, located in Kas the magnificent town of Antalya, is one of the untouched regions. You can only spend time with the sea, sand and sun on the beach where no business is involved. Another great beach of Kas is Patara Beach. The beach, known as the longest beach in the Mediterranean coast, is home to the Temple of Apollo and is the natural habitat of lovely Caretta Carettas (Loggerhead Turtles)
Outdoor Sports: Antalya is undoubtedly a unique city for outdoor sports fans. In Antalya, where you can perform all kinds of outdoor activity, it is possible to find great places for many enjoyable sports activities, from rafting to diving, paragliding and surfing.
The right address for those who want to do rafting through lush trees is Manavgat district. Canyon National Park or Oymalıpınar Lake is considered the most suitable places to do rafting. The most recommended area for diving can be Kas of course which is an ideal place for diving through both historical ruins, rich underwater plants and crystal-clear sea.
Kas, Olympus and Kumluca regions are preferred for paragliding, while Alanya beaches can be preferred for surfing activity. For those who are interested in outdoor sports such as climbing, trekking and camping activities, Western extension of Toros Mountains, Bey Mountains, Akdag, Susuz Mountains, Alaca Mountains, Tahtalı Mountains and Deer Mountains are great places. For trekking, the Lycian way route can be followed, or it is possible to participate in the tours of many travel agencies and outdoor sports clubs located in Kemer, Belek and side.

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