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Basaksehir, formerly known as Azatlik, remained as family property until approximately 1952. The farm, since then, has slowly been sold and started to be replaced with modern buildings.
Location of Basaksehir
Basaksehir, a newly emerging and rapidly developing area of Istanbul, is located in the middle of such districts of Arnavutkoy, Eyup, Sultangazi, Esenler, Bagcılar, Kucukcekmece, Avcilar and Esenyurt. The district, which has no coastal area, consists of newly established settlement areas of present day: Altinsehir, Sahintepe, Kayabası, Guvercintepe, Basak, Ziya Gokalp, Bahcesehir 1. Section, part of the neighborhood of Bahcesehir 2. Section and the village of Samlar. As well as TEM motorway, metro and other public transportation vehicles, it is also possible to take the railway.
Social Facilities in Basaksehir
Basaksehir, which is rapidly developing, offers more social options every year with the impact of the growing population. From sports halls, entertainment centers, cultural events and performing centers to shopping centers with hundreds of interesting stores, many social areas are crowded with the residents. In addition, a variety of cafes, restaurants and parks enrich the social life of the neighbourhood. Especially known for the high population of foreign residents, Basaksehir offers a highly diversified social life.
Shopping Malls in Basaksehir
Almost all parts of Basaksehir has shopping malls that are large enough to meet the needs of the residents. Mall of Istanbul, one of the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul, is located in Basaksehir. The shopping center, which is very large in terms of its land area, offers dozens of world-famous brands. Apart from Mall of Istanbul, there are also large shopping malls such as Olimpia Mall, Prestige Mall, Atrium, Terasium and Armina. Real estate investments in the district usually focus on property projects near major shopping centers.
Entertainment Centers In Basaksehir
Today, a plenty of shopping malls have entertainment centers where families and children can have fun altogether. One of them is the Moipark in Mall of Istanbul. Moipark is a great alternative for entertainment enthusiasts with its enjoyable and fun content. Babalu Amusement Park, one of the most popular amusement centers in Basaksehir, offers alternative areas for children to move and play, unlike other amusement parks. The Discovery Museum, which is located in Prestige Mall and has many branches in America, is a private museum where children can experience different professional groups and develop their creative thinking at the same time.
Educational Opportunities in Basaksehir
Basaksehir has many educational institutions, some of them are private. Ibn-i Haldun University, which is also located in Basaksehir, stands out with its educational quality and research projects. The university opened in 2015, offering the fields of law, Islamic sciences, educational sciences, communication and management. In addition, there are many colleges and private schools in Basaksehir for pre-school education, primary and secondary education students as well as higher education.
Healthcare System in Basaksehir
Basaksehir State Hospital, which has been serving within the borders of Basaksehir since 2007, provides 20 branches of polyclinics. In addition to the district policlinics in Bahcesehir and Guvercintepe districts, Basaksehir has also a large number of private hospitals and medical centers.
Transportation Facilities in Basaksehir
Basaksehir is a developing more and more every year in terms of transportation possibilities. It is possible to reach all the districts by bus every day of the week. With local mobile service for public transportation, it's easy to be informed about the schedule of the buses passing through your neighborhood. In addition to the buses, the area is also accessible via the M3 metro line. Being a fast and reliable transportation vehicle, M3 metro line is connected to Istanbul's other underground railway lines. In this way, Basaksehir residents can easily travel to the historical and cultural districts of Istanbul.
Investment Opportunities in Basaksehir
With its projects, designed as to various requirements, Basaksehir offers attractive opportunities for those living in Istanbul. Property projects in Basaksehir offer a wide range of apartments with high security system, various recreational spaces and large green areas. But is it profitable to invest in Basaksehir? The area, where many quality projects are rising every day, attracts investors’ attention with profitable campaigns, and the value of the area helps to transform their investments into higher profits. Current recommendations for future investments are mainly focusing on these quality projects.

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