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If Şişli had a glittering showcase, it would be Nişantaşı.The smart yet fancy child of the region, it is gently blending art, culture, cuisine, ambiance and fashion into each other. Nişantaşı is the best of all times.
With more than half million residents now, Nişantaşı was nothing but an heathland in the 19th century. In the course of time, the region has grown more and more and new settlements have quickly emerged in the late 19th century. Western type of buildings and art nouveau apartments spread to the area.
Now this fashion centre of the city is bringing both luxury and diversity to the urban explorers, who are seeking a modern way of life along with warm feeling of neigborhood. Let’s have a day in Nişantaşı and discover what this lovely neighborhood is offering.
Getting know around
The area is centered around Vali Konağı Avenue, Rumeli, Teşvikiye and Abdi İpekçi streets. While Rumeli street is heading for Osmanbey metro station, which makes it easier to reach Nişantaşı.
History of Marking Stone
Before starting your tour in the area, be informed about the history of your route. Literally meaning marking stone in Turkish, the area used to be the home to the stones displaying the records of archers and sultans during the Ottoman Empire. Still, there are small obelisks showing the details about the shooters and the lenght that the arrow had.
Sipping your coffee
The day starts with chic, modern, fresh and friendly cafes having their tables on the street. You can see happy faces having healthy, delicious and inventive breakfast, sipping quality coffee in famous coffee chains or distinctive small and warm coffee shops. If you have specific food preferences, these places are also famous for their fresh-squeezed fruit juice, home made pastries, vegan, gluten-free or salads high in vitamin. Just take your seat, have some fresh air. It’s highly possible to come across celebrities.
It’s shopping time!
When you start stepping the old pavement of the street you will immediately notice that this place is full of stores of all sizes. Glorious designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Prada or Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Hugo Boss, George Smith, Marine Rinaldi, Burberry, Cartier and Pavillon Chirstofle as well as some famous Turkish stores such as Beymen, Vakko, Desa, Tekin Acar, Sait Koç and İpek Kramer are shining through the streets.
Although the vibrant streets are dominated by the biggest foreign brands due to very high rental value, still there are modest budget friendly cafes and stores. For a complete experinence, don’t forget to explore the countless small boutiques, which are presenting unique and stylish designs on their showcases.
Alternative stores
Nişantaşı, of course, is not all about shopping for clothes. There are some nice bookstores where you can find both art editions and special books in foreign languages. Plus, take notice of the small yet chic home and accessory shops, exclusive perfumeries, dazzling jewellery stores or boutiques wine.
Enjoy your meal
After a tiring shopping marathon, you will be rewarded with an excellent dinner. Whether you are from Italy, Korea, Morocco or Latin America, you will be more than contented with a wide variety of food selections around. Since the area is surrounded with the leading restaurants known as classy, inventive, authentic and elegant, discovering your happy place is as easy as pie.
In search of sweet treats
Finding a combination of cosy area and various dessert options will be the next step after a great dining experience. Enhance your meal with a delightful dessert. Take a bite from surprisingly delicious raw vegan cakes, or you need sugar, butter, something filling! Taste some doughnuts, fondue or what about a piece of baklava? Nişantaşı is offering the best of the best patisseries and chocolatiers.
Historical details
Apart from shopping and tasting food, there are some interesting galleries; especially the ones exhibiting impressive pieces of art. Actually, one of the most famous buildings in Nişantaşı is Teşvikiye Mosque, which was built by Sultan Abdülmecid I in 1854. It reflects neo-baroque style in its details and European technique with its large white columns at the entrance. The mosque is generally used for funerals of celebrities.

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