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In recent years, Turkey has focused on mega-projects that set a worldwide example. As part of 2023 vision, which is a set of goals for Republic of Turkey’s 100th anniversary, Turkey is now investing in more than USD 100 billion in total. In this blog post, you can read about Turkey’s mega projects, which are the Istanbul New Airport, Canal Istanbul Project, 3rd Bosporus Bridge, Marmaray Tunnel, Three-level Sub-sea Tunnel, Eurasia Tunnel.
The Istanbul New Airport
Being the leading ever project in Turkey, Istanbul New Airport is located 35 km away from the city centre. Once completed, Istanbul’s third airport will be the largest in the world, and the most expensive one with total investment amount of 10 billion euro. The construction works started in 2015 and the first phase will serve 90 million passengers. The first phase opened in 29th October 2018 and the airport will be integrated to the public transport linking all the central areas including the third Bosphorus bridge and the North Marmara Highway. Of course, the airport will initiate a new city centre construction around. A new business centre of Istanbul, many hotels, offices, residences and hospitals will rise around the airport.
All the phases will be completed by 2023 and it seems that Istanbul New Airport will serve as a giant transfer hub intersecting Asia, Europe and Middle East. The airport will have six runways with a capacity of nearly 200 million passengers per year, 150 airlines offering flights to 350 destinations. Covering an area of 76.5 square kilometres, the giant airport will be employing 100,000 people. It will also minimize impact of climate change using innovative and green technologies.
Canal Istanbul Project
Canal Istanbul Project, which was introduced as “Crazy Project” by the Prime Minister of Turkey means a new manmade waterway to link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, which also opens to the Aegean Sea. It will be built in the western side of Istanbul. The 45-kilometer canal will provide relief to heavy marine traffic between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The project was announced in 2011 and is listed in the country’s 2023 goals.
The aim of Canal Istanbul Project is to diminish congestion in the Bosphorus because the Bosphorus is the narrowest strait used for international traffic. Another purpose is to offer a more comfortable route for the oil tankers. With an investment amount of $5,5 billion, the new project will be 25-meter-deep and 400 meter wide. Another part of the project is that the giant canal will produce 2.7 billion cubic metres of material and this soil from the canal will be used to make three islands in the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.
3rd Bosphorus Bridge
The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, named after one of the most prominent Ottoman sultans Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, is connecting Istanbul’s Asian and European sides each other. With an investment of 4,5 billion TL, the new bridge is built in the style of New York’s Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge’s towers are said to be the tallest in the world. The bridge has a length of more than 2000 m.
With its measurements, the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge will be the 8th longest suspension bridge in the world and the longest suspension bridge carrying a railway. However, what makes this bridge more important is the width. Having 4 lanes of traffic and 2 rail lines, the bridge is the widest suspension bridge in the world, according to the Project Engineer Teddy Hwang.
Marmaray Tunnel
Running from European side (Kazlicesme) to Anatolian side (Ayrilik cesmesi), the Marmaray Tunnel is a rail transportation project linking the urban train networks on both sides of Istanbul. Announced in 1998, the project was inaugurated in 2013. Since then, Marmaray tunnel has been easing the traffic over Bosphorus bridges and offering Istanbulites an alternative transportation.
Eurasia Tunnel
Announced in 2006, Eurasia Tunnel is connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul underneath the Marmara Sea. The tunnel has a length of 5,4 km. Thanks to the breakthrough engineering technology involved in this amazing project linking both continents, the Eurasia Tunnel provides safe, economic, fast, comfortable and environment-friendly transportation opportunity while crossing Istanbul Strait.
Historical Peninsula, the most significant area of Istanbul, is involved in the UNESCO World Heritage List. While creating transportation alternatives is getting more and more difficult in such a historical city like Istanbul, The Eurasia Tunnel boasts its unique route, which has any harmful effect on the skyline of Istanbul. The project is totally environment-friendly that takes ecological issues into consideration and does not cause damage to marine life.
Three-level Sub-sea Tunnel
The Three-level Istanbul Tunnel project was announced in 2015 and the planned investment sum is more than 28 million TL. The project will consist of both the metro line and dual motorway. Included in the 2023 Transportation Projection, three-level sub-sea tunnel will provide nearly 7 million passengers a faster urban transportation opportunity on a daily basis.

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