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“Sapanca, one of the nicest places to live in Turkey thanks to its comfortably lifestyle, charming environment and fertile lands, is becoming more and more interesting for foreigners. In this blog post, you can some nots about Sapanca.”
Sapanca is a small town near Lake Sapanca in Sakarya Province right in Marmara region of Turkey. With a population of almost 40,000, Sapanca is possibly the most crowded district of Sakarya. According to the historical documents, Sapanca was founded by Bithynia Kingdom in 378 AD. The city was ruled by Byzantines and Seljuks throughout its history.
Sapanca is a captivating and heavenlike town with famous Lake Sapanca, fascinating trees and plants, hidden waterfalls, impressive trekking routes and fantastic villages around the town.
Since the town is located in a transition section between Mediterranean and Black Sea climate zones, the climate of it may vary a bit. Winters are generally rainy and cool; summers are hot and dry. However, summers can be cooler in comparison to other Mediterranean areas due to Black Sea influence. Average yearly temperature is 13,5 °C. January is the coldest month while the hottest season is around July-August.
Sapanca is considered nationally as one of the nicest places to live in Turkey due to its comfortably lifestyle, charming environment and fertile lands. Whether you are living in the town or be just a visitor, you can make an enjoyable life there.
Lake Sapanca: Lake Sapanca is a famous natural attraction in Marmara region. The lake provides many options for those who are planning to enjoy some fresh air. Fishing, swimming, skiing, canoeing or kayaking are some of these options. Also, you can have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner on the waterfront full of lovely cafes and restaurants.
Kırkpınar: Being 20-30 minutes away from the centre of Sapanca, Kırkpınar is a suitable place for relaxing and spending time in nature if you like biking or trekking. There are many forest farms along the way, so you can see various types of trees and enjoy the fresh air.
Masukiye: It is one of the most famous places near Sapanca. The trees are nearly touching the sky and you can see every shade of green around Masukiye. Offering a real nature experiment, Maşukiye has a wide floral diversity.
Vecihi Gate: It was built by the leading Ottoman architecture Mimar Sinan as part of the famous Silk Way. It underwent repair many times in the past, but the main torso still can be visited.

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