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The same global brand stores, huge buildings full of glittering items, everchanging showcases and fancy people with shopping bags... For a minute, forget about the well-organized world of shopping malls. Now you’re invited to a real shopping expeirence in local markets!
Nearly all the neighborhoods in Istanbul has its own unique open-air street market, which is widely known as “pazar” in Turkish. Each market is set on a specific day of the week and fascinates every one with a wide range of pastries, plants, vegetables, fruits, spices, fabrics, tablewares and clothes.
Fatih Market
Unsurprisingly, Fatih is home to the most authentic and largest market area of Istanbul since it’s the pearl of this historical city. While strolling the old and bustling streets of Fatih on a Wednesday afternoon, it’s possible to hear about Çarşamba Pazarı, a more common name for Fatih market. Starting at 5 am in the morning, the market is getting more and more colorful through the day until 9 pm. Never underestimate a street market in Turkey! It has almost 1300 vendors, 4800 stalls and 2500 peddlers making sales on 7 large and 17 smaller streets. A wide array of fruits, all shapes and sizes of vegetables, amazing clothes and fabrics affordable for everyone and hundreds of household items... To avoid getting lost, you better know what you’re going to buy. Or enjoy strolling the streets at random and have a chance to observe the local people.
Yeşilköy Market
Wednesday is good for strolling the markets. This time set the route for Yeşilköy. The area, which is located in Bakırköy, is relatively green and fancy setting. Like Fatih Market, Yeşilköy market is also offering a great variety of quality materials from classy clothes to vibrant colored ornaments. Covering thousands of square meters with countless stalls, Yeşilköy market is full of tea cafes, flowers and food stralls. Good news is you can use your credit card too!
Beşiktaş Market
Set on Saturday in a smaller scale, Beşiktaş market is very popular due to its product variety. Mostly focuses on materials that you can’t find anywhere else with better prince range, the market is offering good quality clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, fabrics and textile products. In this two-storey market area, the first floor is full of fruits and vegetables while the second floor is reserved for other products.
Ulus Market
Also known as Sosyete Pazarı, Ulus market is especially famous for fake brand produts with high quality. Don’t get confused by its name, the market is not set in Ulus anymore, it used to be. But since it caused crowdence and disturbance around the neighborhood, its location was changed permanently. Now it’s in Ortaköy, and it still offers world-famous brands’ products as well as genuie leather coats, jackets and real fur products. You should drop by and discover what’s hidden in Ulus market on Thursdays!
Kadıköy Market
You can save your Tuesdays and Fridays for beautiful Kadıköy market on the Asian part of Istanbul. Being a traditional market dating back to 1960s, Kadıköy market is growing more and more. Not suprisingly, the huge market changed its location in 2008 from its traditional place to a more convenient and larger area in Fikirtepe. The market has thousands of stalls and you can see many women as stallholders!

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