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“Just a few minutes away from Marmara Sea, the ferry and even all the transportation network... Imagine a very large street where you can find the perfect comfort! A street where you can breath the sea breeze, stroll around the fanciest restaurants and cafes as well as the most luxurious brands’ stores: Here is Bagdat Street”
If someone asks where is the best place to see all time favorite stores, stylish restaurants, elegant cafes and boutiques, to take a pleasant walk and enjoy your leisure time, it won’t be a surprise to think of Bagdat Street! Or better known as “Cadde”. Beyond any doubt, Cadde is the most glamourous street of Istanbul.
Located in Kadikoy and lies 9 km along, Cadde has its busiest part starting from Bostancı to Sogutlucesme. Listed as one of the most important areas of Istanbul, it provides both locals and tourists with many alternative options to have a beautiful and enjoyable day.
Yet it won’t be wrong to say that Bagdat Street is not only known and adored by locals. A few years ago, Cadde was chosen as the fourth most beautiful street in the world in terms of shopping opportunities. In this study by a foreign company, Paris's world-famous avenue of the Champs-Elysées and New York's 5th Avenue, which is a very familiar set of Hollywood movies, falls behind Baghdat Street.
It is not right to think of Baghdad street only with shopping and having fancy meals. The street is actually home to many impressive historical houses, fountains and old buildings. Even the street itself is a historic road! When Sultan Murad IV conquered Baghdad in the 17th century the name of the road was changed to Baghdat Street in order to celebrate this victory. The beautiful fountains on the street, some of which we still have today, were built to provide the passengers with water at the time.
The neighborhoods surrounding Baghdad Street are also remarkable from a historical point of view. These districts have become a residential area with a growing popularity since the 19th century. On this occasion, those still-splendid mansions were built. Although the increasing number of new settlements after the 1960s has been replaced by modern apartments, the centuries-old mansions on Baghdad Street still offers an aesthetic view to us. In addition to mansions and fountains on the street, the works that have left mark on the region are Zuhtu Pasha Mosque and Galip Pasha Mosque which were built in the 19th century.
Baghdad Street, where you can find the stores of both domestic and foreign reputable brands, has already been registered as one of the world's top quality shopping spots. The French consulting firm “Presence Mystery Shopping” has announced Baghdat Street as the fourth top quality street in the world for shopping enthusiasts. The list was made of 30 street and these streets were rated in various categories such as cleanliness, shopping opportunities and quality of Service. Rated in the same category with Bond Street in London, Via Monte Napoleona in Milan, Montaigne in Paris and Stroget Street in Copenhagen, Baghdat Street includes the stores of the most luxurious brands such as Burberry, Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Brandroom, Diesel and Benetton.
In addition to the luxury consumption, this street, which is more than adequte to meet all kinds of shopping needs, is also famous for its passages that include a large number of stores from optics and jewellery shops to ornament shops and elegant boutiques. The big shopping malls on the street also serve as a meeting point for those who visit the street to stroll around as well as making shopping lovers happy.
Of course, although the part of the street between Caddebostan and Suadiye includes many elegant cafés, restaurants and stores for those who are planning a splendid day, but it is also enjoyable to spend time in the coastal area of Caddebostan. You can lie on the grass, take a walk and watch the sea on both coastal area or on the parks in Cadde.
After enjoying the sun, sea and green, you can choose one of the elegant cafés for a cup of coffee or tea. These new-generation cafés, where you can explore different tastes, can also be ideal places to try different snacks.
The famous venues and lounges, including cinema, theatre, concert and various events, are likely to be found in and around Suadiye, just like elegant cafes and restaurants. On the other hand, cycling, kite running, skating and walking on a beautiful day can make you feel that you live in a privileged area in the middle of the city.

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