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“Winter season is here and Turkey has so much to offer in this season too. Forget about warm sandy beaches and turquois waters of Mediterranean coasts, Turkey is a natural beauty in winter too! For winter sports lovers, the magic of snowing is all around the country and in this post, we listed just a part of the amazing skiing destinations in Turkey!”
As well as its famous beaches, Turkey is also home to a lot of alternative ski resorts. While some of them is scattered on the eastern part of the country, which is quite magical, there are also 3 resorts close enough to Istanbul for a short drive. It is not surprising that these ski resorts are becoming more and more modern and popular so that every year Turkey is increasingly visited by winter sports lovers. Although all the resorts are too long to list here, the most popular ones are as such:
Uludag / Bursa
Uludag is surely the most popular winter destination in Turkey. Being an extinct volcano, the mountain offers its visitors a breathtaking nature view, large green forests, amazing hills as well as wonderful resorts for wintersports. Located in Western Anatolia, Uludag is at 2543 meters; the skiing area is located between 1800 and 2500 meters. It is easy to reach the region along a good road or by cable-car since it is 150 km from Istanbul.
While a lot of accomodation options from comfortable hotels and chalets to ski facilities are available for visitors, there are also chair-lifts, ski-lifts, slalom and giant slalom courses, beginner's slopes and ice skating. Plus, Uludag has 24 tracks with different level of hardness.
Palandoken / Erzurum
Located 6 km away from Erzurum, an Eastern Anatolian city, Palandoken offers a lot of accomodation facilities. The area boasts of having the longest ski run and the best snow quality in Turkey. In this aspect, Palandoken is considered to be a great destination for winter sports lovers. Being very close to the airport, the city itself has favourable weather conditions for winter activities since the first snow fall starts in November and continues until June. According to the reviews, the quality of snow is equal to the Swiss Alps.
Erciyes / Kayseri
20 minutes away from the city airport and Kayseri city center, Mount Erciyes was once an active volcano. A brief note: the eruptions of Mount Erciyes formed the world-famous geography of beautiful Cappadocia. The regions offers the visitors a wide range of activities such as paragliding, trekking, biking and skiing not only in winter but also in other seasons too. The season in Erciyes contines from December until mid-April. Having comfortable and modern skiing complexes, Erciyes has also an artificial snow system, which keeps the surrounding hills for more than four months.
Kartalkaya / Bolu
Kartalkaya is one of the best winter destinations with its increasing popularity. Thanks to its proximity to Turkey's commercial capital Istanbul, it has become a well-known winter holiday getaway. The region locates at around 2500-meter in Koroglu Mountains, Bolu. While the best season is between December and March, there are a couple of hotels, which are generally booked through the whole year especially for weekends. Karktalkaya is favorable both for ski lovers and alternative weekend seekers since it has expert-level off-track slopes, 3-meter snow depth, relaxing environment and snow covered pine trees.
Sarikamis / Kars
Located in Kars, an Eastern city of Anatolia, Sarikamis offers good quality of snow and natural tracks. The region is one of the top 5 skiing destinations, surrounded by beautiful pine trees and sit at nearly 2200-2900 meters. Sarikamis resort offers its visitors a couple of governmental and private accomodations as well as ski instructors and equipment, first aid security, health services, a helicopter landing available, chairlifts and T-bars.
Kartepe / Kocaeli
Welcoming thousands of visitors every season, Kartepe is favorable for its proximity to Istanbul and amazing views. Located in Kocaeli, Kartepe is highly suitable for those who are seeking a close and modern skiing getaway. The region is at nearly 1700 meters on Samanli Mountains. Kartepe is home to 4 mechanical resorts, 14 ski slopes as well as quality accommodation facilities and restaurants surrounded by hazelnut, oak and chestnut trees.

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