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This week, in Why Invest toTurkey writings, we discussed easy investment issue. Turkey offers great opportunity to foreign investors such as 20% tax rate and trustworthy investment conditions.
Easy Investment:
After 1950s’, Turkish Republic choosed to be a part of the free world. With the threat of USSR and communism, Turkey started to work with USA and Europian Countries. At the starting of those years, young and brilliant brains have gone to the western universities to learn the economic system there. Just a short time later Turkish Republic started to make first big export and import trades with those countries. It was just a start. Very short time later, multinational companies opened branches in Turkey. In the middle of 1950’s Turkish Republic trade system turned into free market system. Of course the system at those days is not the same system on progress; but free market culture started.
The Global Market idea started in 1950’s in USA. It took time to evolve that idea. After big oil crises in 1973, this idea spread all over the world. Turkey got into this newly evolved system in 1983. Since that year, Turkish Republic, with the growth of 850 Billion USD in economy and 650 Billion USD export and import trade amounts; is the 16 biggest economy in the world. Trustworty and open to occasions are the best words to describe Turkish Economy.
After 2010, a new evolution started in global market. Decisions started to be taken fast and online system was adapted; so the Turkish Republic applied better than standarts. Today a foreign company’s installation can be finished in 5 or 6 days; fast and securely. With this system, 58.400 foreign companies have already been established so far. The world has already seen that Turkey is trustworty and open to occasions.
The Turkish goverment want more companies establish here, so they decided decrease 33% tax rate to 20% and the companies who establish R&D centers will be recompenced with extra TAX and VAT rebates. Trustworty and open to occasions.
With Russia Turk Gas Line and With Chine The New Silk Road projects will grow Turkish Economy fast to 1,3-1,5 Trillion USD just in a few years. Trustworty and new occasions.

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