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We have focused on grand domestic market of Turkey in this week’s Why Invest to Turkey writings. Turkish domestic market has been expanding even more despite the up and down both in global and domestic financial crisises and fluctuations.
Grand Domestic Market
In year 2001 while the big crisis; Turkish Republic population was 65 million people and the gross national product was approximately 350 billion USD. The banking system collapsed. Unfortunately; because of the deep crisis no one was spending any peny. We got the lesson and we changed everything from the beginning.
After 2002, everything started to chance. People forgot the crisis and work more and more. Neww trustworthy system made every one happy. Turks were earning more Money and spending more Money. Within the new World Order 2005 was the year Turkish Republic became a star for investment. At 2007 70 million Turks and 20 million Turist was a record for country. 500 Billion USD was the new gross.
Although the wars in Sryia and Iraq; Iran problem; crisis in Greece; 15 of July coup trial in 2016; Turkish Republic had reached in 2017 to the GDP of 850 Billion USD.
In 2018 the gross will be declared as 910-920 Billion USD. And 2019 we might see for the first time in the history of the young republic a gross of Trillion USD.
• Let’s have look at the numbers of the Grand Turkish Republic Market.
• A population of 81 million (2017, TurkStat)
• Largest youth population compared with the EU (Eurostat)
• Half the population under the age of 31.7 (2017, TurkStat)
• Young, dynamic, well-educated and multi-cultural population
• 69 million broadband internet subscribers in 2017, up from 0.1 million in 2002 (ICTA, TurkStat)
• 78 million mobile phone subscribers in 2017, up from 23 million in 2002 (TurkStat)
• 62.5 million credit card users in 2017, up from 16 million in 2002 (The Interbank Card Center of Turkey)
• 193 million airline passengers in 2017, up from 33 million in 2002 (TurkStat)
• 38 million international tourist arrivals in 2017, up from 13 million in 2002 (TurkStat)

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