You want your property to stay in a good condition when you complete all the details of the purchase process. Or you want it to become a smart investment with its rental returns in the future. Either way, you need to keep your property in good condition all the time.

The maintenance expenses depend largely on the physical aspects of your property. A residency project might include additional expenses due to its facilities such as a gym or a swimming pool while a standard apartment costs fewer. Even an elevator makes a difference in the maintenance costs.

There are people in charge of maintenance and management in standard apartments, and all the expenses cost around USD 1 per square meter. This amount may rise to USD 3 in villa projects. When you choose your property, do not forget to ask your agency or seller for the detail information regarding the expenses.

When you complete the purchase process of your property, the responsibility of gas, electricity, water, phone, internet, and satellite connection will be on you. But first, you need to wait for the certificate of habitability for your property. At the same time, you will also be responsible for the annual property tax.

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