You may want to buy real estate in Turkey for investment and residence purposes. Istanbul, the metropolitan city of Turkey, is frequently preferred in this regard. The capital of entertainment and culture offers you the comfort you seek with its business, history, and natural beauty.
If you want to buy a house in Turkey, we, as Realty Turkey, provide you with professional consultancy services. Our consultants provide detailed information about your real estate preference in their meetings with you. Apart from these,
• Deed,
• Earthquake Risk Regulation,
• Budget,
• Mortgage and Payment
It is supported in all such matters.
You must ensure the project has the license to buy a house on the site. Buying real estate from projects with occupancy permits will also prevent legal problems that may arise in the future.
On the other hand, since Turkey is a country located in the earthquake zone, you should pay attention to the fact that the real estate you buy is built by the earthquake regulations and that the building has a sound report.
You need to check whether there is a past debt or mortgage record of the real estate you want to buy. It is also essential that the necessary documents are complete and correct during your deed transactions to complete your purchasing process without any problems.
However, visiting a house, you see on the internet is beneficial. The surrounding area and location are among the most critical factors in purchasing real estate. If the real estate you prefer is still in the project stage, it is helpful to examine the project details and ask all the questions in your mind.
You can also get support from our consultants for the payment methods related to the real estate you like.
As Realty Turkey, we offer you a detailed service in all these processes. When you choose a quality and reliable company, all your transactions are completed in a short time, quickly and reliably.

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