Research: While searching for the right property, you should closely check and compare all the property prices in the regions you prefer. So that you can find your dream house with the most realistic price in the location you prefer.

Plan your route: It is possible to find the investment that you are looking for if you set your route carefully. Is the property that you are planning to purchase a holiday home, a permanent house or just an investment? Once you plan your route to your destination, you can narrow your options down and reach your target more quickly.

Explore Turkey: Turkey offers diverse geographies, climates, and cultural features far and wide. You might plan to make your property investment in a metropolitan area where you can be right at the centre of everything, or in a peaceful coastal town where you can be in touch with natural beauties. Thus, after planning your route, exploring Turkey’s various cities, geographic regions and cultural structure will make it easier for you.

Visit your property: Visiting the location of your property options and seeing all the features of them individually will help you make a right choice.

Signing your contract: When you decide on a project, you and the seller will sign a contract. You are advised to read your contract in detail. It will be useful for you to have a notarized version of the contract both in English and in Turkish. You can retain a lawyer to complete these works more smoothly. You can consult Realty Turkey about retaining a lawyer.

Open a bank account: After you sign the contract, you can register to tax office, receive a tax number and then open your own bank account. You can conduct all your financial transactions, installments, and bills simply through your bank account.

Do not forget additional payments: Remember that, as well as the purchase price, there will be additional payments, such as tax payment, during or after the sale. The additional payment might reach 5 percent.

After sale details: Do not forget to get electricity, water, and gas services connected after you receive the title deed of your property. When you receive your deed, the responsibility of electricity, water, gas, internet, phone or satellite services will be on you. Since every single of these connections will take your one day, you are highly advised to agree with your lawyer for these works.

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