Life In Turkey
Turkey, where the cost of life is relatively low compared to European countries, has made considerable progress in terms of quality of life especially in the last 15 years. The Turkish people, known for their hospitality and friendly relations, help the foreigners adapt to the country more easily.

Residence Permit in Turkey
According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, visitors cannot stay in Turkey for more than 90 days, if it is for tourism purposes. Those who are not Turkish citizens must obtain a residence permit to stay within the borders of the Republic of Turkey for more than 90 days. But what is the advantage of obtaining a residence permit? For sure, those who want to settle in Turkey and reside for a long time must have a residence permit.

Investors who purchase real estate from Turkey can be granted annual residence permits. The duration of residence permits in Turkey varies from six months to five years. A six-month residence visa is mainly given to seasonal employees. Those who want to stay longer may first obtain a 1 or 2-year residence visa and this may extend to five years when it is time to renew the visa.

There are several categories for residence permit granted to foreigners:
- Short term residence permit,
- Family residence permit,
- Student residence permit,
- Long term residence permit,
- Humanitarian residence permit,
- Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

The Requirements for a Residence Permit in Turkey
According to the residence permit procedure, you must first apply online to the General Directorate of Migration Administration (GIGM). To make an appointment with the nearest GIGM office, you must complete the online form in which you will share all your credentials. When you complete the form, the system will direct you to the nearest GIGM office and make an appointment for you. The amount required to pay your residence permit may vary depending on the duration of the residency that you apply for. The system will calculate the correct amount for you. You can also make a residence permit inquiry through the online system.

Required documents to apply for a residence permit are as follows: Residence permit application form, The original and a copy of the passport or travel document, four biometric photographs, proof of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay, applicant’s residence ownership deed, an invitation letter or documents issued by the person/business to be contacted, valid medical insurance, proof of access to health services in turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements (provision document issued by the social security ınstitution, document regarding the application made to the social security ınstitution to be covered by the general health insurance, private health insurance)

Extension for Turkish Residence Permit
You can apply for extension of your residence permit in Turkey 60 days before your residence permit expires. This application is made online from the e-residence system.

The documents required to extend the duration of your session are as follows: residence permit application form, notarized copy of the passport or travel document, four biometric photographs, proof of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay, applicant’s residence ownership deed, submission of the previous residence permit document, valid medical insurance.

Those who completed their application should send the mentioned documents to the Provincial Directorate of Migration in the city within five working days.

Bringing Your Car with Residence Permit
You can bring your car to Turkey after you obtain your residence permit. However, you can keep your car in Turkey for at most 6 months. After 6-month period, your car should be out of the country. Otherwise, you may have to pay very high taxes, or your vehicle may be confiscated. You can reach further information about the use of your vehicle in Turkey via our blog post “How to bring a foreign vehicle to Turkey?”

Getting a work permit without obtaining a residence permit?
Foreigners who do not have a residence permit in Turkey can apply for a work permit. Applications should be made to Turkish consulates in their residing countries. This requires a copy of the passport, a work visa application, 1 photo and work contract.

Renting a House without a Residence Permit
Foreigners who have been granted a residence permit in Turkey can rent a house as well as those who doesn’t have a residence permit. In this case, it is important how a lease contract is made. In the lease contract between the landlord and the foreign tenant, in addition to the rent price, the full address of the house, the type of property, the name, surname and identification number of the owner of the property, and address of the tenant must be indicated.

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