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Held in Russia on 5-6 October 2018, Moscow Overseas Property Show is a high-level private exhibition both for Russian potential property investors and foreign companies with unique projects. While the exhibition receives limited number of participants from the same country representing the same services, the visitors are pre-selected and targeted audience. During the show, the exhibitors will find opportunity to expand their network and present themselves to the Moscow market as well as finding the ultimate buyers and investors. The show program will start with workshop activity which will bring foreign participants together with Moscow realtors; there will be a round table activity and presentations. On the second day, foreign participants will showcase their companies and products to the potential buyers.

With a brand-new concept, Saint-Petersburg international Property Show will take place in Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, Saint-Petersburg on 9-10 October 2018. The exhibition will be welcoming the developers and agencies offering overseas property on the Russian market to participate. The exhibitors will find the opportunity to find new partners, get reliable information of overseas market in Russia, present their companies and projects, and also meet with potential investors. On the first day, there will be a workshop, round table meeting and a series of presentations. On the second day, the exhibitors will be presenting their projects and meeting Russian potential investors.

Held in Egypt International Exhibition Center between 10-13 October 2018, the 15th International Property Show – Egypt (IPS) is considered one of the largest sales platforms of both the local and international real estate market in the Middle East. For four days, the exhibitors will be able to introduce their products and innovative ideas to the emerging markets, promote their projects to more than 15,000 visitors and exhibitors, strengthen their connections with industry's leading figures and expand their networking. This year, the exhibition, which will be opened with the slogan of Mega Property Sale, is expected to showcase market-leading offers.

Shell Scheme: USD 340/m2 (min. 12 m2)
Space Only: USD 290/ m2 (min. 36 m2)

Moscow's Premier International Real Estate Show (MPIRES), which will take place in Expocentre in Moscow, Russia on October 26-27, 2018, brings together highly qualified professionals, real estate consultants, agents and construction companies. Participants will be able to connect directly with the potential buyers, reach the target visitors and carry out a successful promotional campaign in various conferences and events within the framework of a quality organization.

Offering developers and agencies the best overseas properties on the Kazakh market, Almaty International Property Expo will take place in Rixos Almaty Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan. During the tow-day organisation, the participants will find new partners for effective sales, learn the details of marketing of overseas property in Kazakhstan, present their companies and projects to the international visitors, meet with potential buyers and investors. On the first day, there will be a workshop, round table meeting and educative seminars. On the second day, the participants will take advantage of a great exhibition and business presentations.

Organized in Abu Dhabi between 1 and 3 November 2018, International Real Estate and Investment Show Abu Dhabi (IREIS) is one of the leading business platforms for the international real-estate industry. Gathering all the strategic links in the value chain together, the Exhibition provides a unique business area helping the players meet potential investors. The key regional and international real estate investors and developer as well as world’s wealthiest sovereign wealth funds and foreign district investments will be present in IREIS. Supported with the interesting international conferences and networking seminars, the Exhibition will be held in Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center (ADNEC).

Held on 9-10 November 2018 at the Hyatt Hotel Martinez Cannes, The Cannes International Emigration and Luxury Property Expo 2018 (IELPE) will both include a conference featuring government representatives and major property developers; and, an exhibition showcasing 120 international companies. Being one of the largest organizations dedicated to immigration, luxury real estate, and private financial consulting, IELPE Cannes is planning to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to meet their primary target audience. The representatives of world-wide known market leaders, immigration agencies, law firms, international real estate agencies, and consultancies will be visiting the Exhibition.


Being of the leading organisations in real estate industry of Ukraine, Kyiv International Property Show will be welcoming top-managers and executives from all top financial and corporate firms in Kyiv, property investors and top Kyiv real estate agencies during the two-day organisation. Being a high-level private exhibition for a very targeted, pre-qualified audience, the exhibition is providing the participants with the opportunity to present their companies, projects and countries for high quality audience of local professionals.

Gathering hundreds of quality projects around the World, RecExpo is opening doors in Baku Expo Center between 22 and 24 November 2018. Being one of the most outstanding organisations regarding real estate industry, RecExpo will be welcoming the largest players of the industry for three days. Celebrating its tremendous success with presenting more than 230 projects In 2017, RecExpo is targetting to strenghten its fame for being one of the world’s most successful and effective organistions with attracting nearly 6000 visitors and almost 100 exhibitors from 13 countries. Realty Turkey has also booked its stand in RecExpo this year; it will be welcoming the visitors in its stand and presenting the most outstanding projects of Turkey between 22 and 24 November 2018.

Being one of the largest-scale exhibitions for real estate industry, The Kyiv International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo (IELPE Kyiv) will be taken place on 26 and 27 November 2018 in Kyiv. Visitors from more than 30 countries will be attending the Exhibition, which will combine a conference, an exhibition, workshops and networking opportunities. The exhibitors will also have a chance to meet private individuals interested in acquisition of luxury real estate and prospective immigrants.


The Moscow International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo (IELPE Moscow) will be held on 29-30 November 2018 at The Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. While companies from 30 countries world wide are exhibiting, the organisation will be visited by the representatives of the leading international companies, market leaders, agencies, real estate consultancies and more. The exhibitors will find the great opportunity of having face-to-face meetings with industry professionals, networking chance and prospectus clients. The exhibition will be taken place in The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow.


Baku Overseas Property Expo, one of the most prominent meeting platforms for investors in Azerbaijan, will bring together the industry professionals of the local real estate market, potential buyers and investors. Participated mostly by immigration companies, luxury real estate developers, private banks and personal financial consultancies, the exhibition will be welcoming professional visitors from 30 countries, international home buyers, entrepreneurs, law firms, immigration companies and real estate agencies.

Consisting of two events such as a conference for the first day and exhibition on the second day, The Shenzhen International Emigration & Luxury Property Expo (IELPE Shenzen) will be taken place on 6 and 7 December 2018 in Shenzhen. Being one of the foremost organizations dedicated to immigration, luxury real estate, and private financial consulting, IELPE Shenzen is planning to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to meet their primary target audience. The representatives of world-wide known market leaders, immigration agencies, law firms, international real estate agencies, and consultancies will be visiting the Exhibition.


Being the largest overseas property exhibition in Europe, A Place in the Sun is a unique platform to guide visitors through the buying process and find the ideal property. 150 exhibitors from all over the world will be showcasing the outstanding overseas projects. Professional services with expert advice on legal, financial, tax and currency will also be attending the exhibition. The exhibition will be held in Manchester between 15-17 March 2019 and in London between 10-12 May 2019.

The rate is £360 per m2

Oman Real Estate Exhibition (OREX), which will be held in Muscat, Oman between 25-27 March 2019, is the only platform where local and foreign investment opportunities in Oman are presented. The exhibitors will take advantage of creating brand awareness, meeting foreign investors and developers coming from around the world and expanding the brand effectiveness in OREX where leading figures in the industry are gathering with potential customers. Realty Turkey will also be welcoming its visitors in OREX between 25-27 March 2019.

The Only International Property Exhibition of Turkey

6th Real Estate Investment Projects and Financing Exhibition (CNR EMLAK) which will be held between the dates of May 2-5 at CNR Expo Centre, Istanbul, is the only international property exhibition in Turkey. Not only Turkish companies but also international companies operating in Turkey will meet their visitors in the exhibition which received great participation in previous editions. CNR Emlak, which thousands of visitors from more than 25 countries especially Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia and Iran reach agreements for new and profitable investments, is getting ready for presenting the most outstanding property projects of Turkey to the investors in CNR Expo Centre between 2 and 5 May 2019.

TMillion-Dollar Investments in a Single Event
The exhibition received nearly 17 thousand visitors -5 thousand foreign visitors- in 2017 and the visitor profile of CNR Emlak mostly consists of local and foreign real estate investors, those who are planning to rent or purchase offices, industry professionals, property experts, consultants and institutions. While approximately 28 percent of the investments realized during the Exhibition were of over 500 thousand dollars, the ratio of property projects such as villas and residences is 31,4 percent. Realty Turkey, Turkey's first international property portal, will welcome visitors from around the world at its special stand between 2 and 5 May 2019 at its special stand. During CNR Emlak, you can join and exhibit at Realty Turkey stand, which consists of 6 private areas of 12 m2, where thousands of local and foreign investors will meet and you can promote your project by taking advantage of special offers.

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