Application of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment
1: What is the minimum investment price required for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Answer: Thanks to the new program for foreign investors implemented by the government of the Republic of Turkey, foreigners who invest USD 250,000 in real estate in Turkey, or who establish/buy companies with a capital of USD 500,000, or those who invest USD 500,000 in government investment instruments or government banks operating in Turkey, with the condition of not selling it for at least 3 years, can be granted Turkish citizenship.
2: Is it necessary to have a minimum value of USD 250,000 for a single real estate in order to benefit from the regulation?
Answer: The value of the single investment property is not required to be USD 250,000 in order to benefit from this regulation. The total amount of investments to be made by foreign investors should be USD 250,000. Therefore, if a foreign investor purchases more than one property of which value is less than USD 250,000, but the total amount corresponds to USD 250,000, then they will be able to benefit from the regulation.
3: How long does it take for a foreign citizen to obtain Turkish citizenship?
Answer: It is not specified in the regulation how long it takes for the process. But due to the new regulation, an increase is expected in the application demands. For this reason, it is thought that conclusion process of any application will take nearly 1 year.
4: What authority should I apply to?
Answer: In accordance with the regulations, applications for the acquisition and loss of Turkish citizenship shall be made to the governorship of the place of residence in Turkey, and to the foreign representative offices abroad personally or with the power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. However, according to the regulation, first of all, a person should apply to the Directorate of Land Registry to ensure whether they have provided the necessary conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship; if the application is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization following the determination of the existence of a three-year non-resale annotation recorded in the deed, then they will be able to apply to the Directorate General of Migration Management.
5: What are the required documents for the citizenship application?
- A petition specifying the request
- Passport or similar document showing the country of nationality; for stateless people, a related document if possible
- Civil status document and marriage certificate if married, divorce decree if divorced and death certificate of spouse if widowed
- A document such as a birth certificate showing personal identifying information or a certificate of identity register copy or similar document proving the family ties of spouse and children if married
- Identity register copy taken from the system by the authorities of the application if the applicant has first or second degree relative who is also Turkish citizen
- The certificate obtained from the authorized offices of the country to indicate the date of birth İf the date of birth is not presented; if the document cannot be obtained, signed declaration stating that they accept the transaction in accordance with Article 39 of Civil Registry Services Act No. 5490.
- Receipt showing that the service fee is paid to the Treasury Desk
6: Is it possible for all foreigners to obtain citizenship by acquiring real estate without any nation restriction?
Answer: It is possible for all foreigners to benefit from the regulation that allows the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate.
7: Can the spouse and children of a foreigner obtain Turkish citizenship by acquiring real estate?
Answer: Foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship by investment can also obtain citizenship for their foreign spouse, children and their or their spouse’s dependent foreign children.
8: If a foreigner establishes a company based in Turkey and purchases a real estate on behalf of the company, is it possible for the foreign partner to obtain Turkish citizenship as part of real estate investment?
Answer: For a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey, they must appear as property owner in the land registry to obtain Turkish citizenship. In this case, if a foreigner establishes a company based in Turkey and takes the property on behalf of the company account, it will not be possible to benefit from the regulation and obtain Turkish citizenship.
9: Is the new minimum limit specified in the Amendment Regulation in the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law effective for the past?
Answer: The new minimum limit provided by the mentioned Regulation will not affect the acquisition of real estate in the previous date but will be applied only for future purposes from the date of the President's decision.
10: How should I make payment?
Answer: There is no specific form of payment and it is enough if the value of the Turkish lira corresponding to USD 250,000 is written in the title deed.
11: Is the payment currency required to be in Turkish Lira?
Answer: Payments can be made in US dollars or equivalent in exchange or equivalent in Turkish lira. Monetary value shall be based on the effective rate of exchange and/or cross exchange rates of Central Bank of the Turkish Republic on the date of the determination.

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