Mega Projects of Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has focused on mega-projects that set a worldwide example. As part of 2023 vision, which is a set of goals for Republic of Turkey’s 100th anniversary, Turkey is now investing in more than USD 100 billion in total. In this blog post, you can read about Turkey’s mega projects, which are the Istanbul New Airport, Canal Istanbul Project, 3rd Bosporus Bridge, Marmaray Tunnel, Three-level Sub-sea Tunnel, Eurasia Tunnel.

The father of words of wisdom: RUMI

Rumi, a world-famous poet, Islamic thinker and father of the whirling dervishes, passed away 745 years ago in December. So Turkey commemorates Rumi every year with Mevlana Week between 7-17 December. In this post, we are sharing our notes about the great mystic philosopher.

Mugla City Guide

Located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, Mugla is counted as the luckiest Aegean city with its impressive bays, gulfs and coasts. Whether you are just seeking somewhere warm and relaxing to spend your holiday or you are planning to move to a city where nature creates its best version, Mugla offers what you need. In this blog post, we dived into the city and took notes about basically where to go and what to explore. Enjoy reading!

7 Must-Visit Places in Istanbul

Making a must-visit list for Istanbul is unfortunately about eliminating rather than compiling. Still we have such essential spots that turning back home without seeing them may result in regret.

A New Life: Moving In Turkey With Family

Since it is located right between Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas, Turkey is a unique example for a connection between Eastern and Western cultures. This, of course, provides those who are planning to move in Turkey with an uncomparable opportunity to experience various worlds safely and happily. Life in Turkey is a must-have experince!

All about Istanbul New Airport

On 29 October 2018, TV channels and newspapers shared the the news of the largest structure built since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. Started operating in October in 2018 and being on service for passengers since 6th of April 2019, Isanbul New Airport got the attention of the global media as a giant transfer point that makes transcontinental travel possible.

District Guide: Life In Basaksehir

Basaksehir, formerly known as Azatlik, remained as family property until approximately 1952. The farm, since then, has slowly been sold and started to be replaced with modern buildings.

Why Invest In Turkey: Easy Investment

This week, in Why Invest toTurkey writings, we discussed easy investment issue. Turkey offers great opportunity to foreign investors such as 20% tax rate and trustworthy investment conditions.

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