School-age foreign students whose families have settled in Turkey have the opportunity to study in international schools with appropriate curriculum, where they can study in their own language. This education system for international students is running perfectly and comfortably because these schools are following the same curriculum with all the international schools around the world.

International schools in Turkey provide education not only in English but also Arabic and German programs are available in these schools. This enables students to adapt better to their education in Turkey, while at the same time becoming an opportunity in their future years. Education in international schools in Turkey is also known to be top quality. It is very advantageous to have high quality education in small classes in these non-crowded schools. But the most important criteria to consider when choosing a school is whether the school is eligible for international accreditation. There are two international accreditation systems used by schools in Turkey: İnternational Undergraduate Accreditation and the Association of International Schools (CIS).

International Schools In Istanbul
There are more than ten international schools in Istanbul. The number of these schools is increasing every year. In Istanbul, it is highly possible to find any international school providing education in Arabic, English, Russian, German and French languages.

Safir College, located in Bağcılar, is one of the most preferred schools by the citizens from Arab countries. Courses in Turkish, Arabic and English languages are available at Safir College, which also offers an international education program. The school, in easily accessible spots in Bahçeşehir and Büyükçekmece districts, also offers education on Islamic subjects.

The first Arab school officially recognized by the Ministry of National Education is Alfayez International School, located in Bağcılar. Founded in 2015 and providing education in English and Arabic languages, the school has students from more than 24 nationalities.

Istanbul International Community School, located in Büyükçekmece, also provides education only for foreign students. The school offers courses in English language and has two campuses both near Bosphorus and in Büyükçekmece.

Founded by the German High School Culture and Education Foundation in 1996 in Büyükçekmece, Alkev Schools is also a German school for international students. Students can also take German-English courses in the school.
MEF Schools, a great example of an international school with teachers from 17 different nationalities, are located in Ortaköy. French and Spanish languages are also taught at the school, which is built on a huge area.

Manara Canadian Academy, the official branch of a respected educational institution in Canada, provides courses in English and Arabic languages while following an educational system that is in line with both the Libyan and Canadian curricula. The school is located in Bahçeşehir.

Tarabya English Schools, located in Sarıyer which is one of Istanbul's finest districts, offers a successful combination of the English national curriculum and the national curriculum in Turkey. The school, which provides education in classrooms where up to 15 students take classes, has branches in Tarabya, Yeniköy, Çengelköy and Etiler.

Located in Sarıyer, Zekeriyaköy, International English Schools is one of the leading international schools in Turkey. English, German, Spanish and French courses are also offered at the school, which follows the English language curriculum.

Sainte Pulchérie French High-school, located just off the French Cultural Center in Taksim, is a school mainly staffed by French instructors. French English Turkish and English language education, the school offers courses in French, English and Turkish languages, and this helps students who wish to continue their university education abroad.

The Pushkin Russian School, located in Sultangazi district, serves to preserve the Russian language, literature, history and culture for students who live in Turkey and whose native language is Russian. Turkish and English Courses are taught in Turkish and English as well as Russian.

Notre-Dame de Sion French High School, founded in Şişli in 1856 and considered to be one of the most respected schools in Turkey, follows the curriculum applied in French high schools. The school provides education in French and Turkish language, but English can also be taught as a foreign language in the school.

Istanbul International School, located in Çamlıca, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, offers English language education to its students from more than 40 nationalities.

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