Car prices, including used cars, can be quite high in Turkey and vehicles are subject to the luxury tax in Turkey. Therefore, you may want to bring your own car to Turkey. However, Turkey's policy on vehicles bought from foreign countries is very strict. So, bringing vehicles from foreign countries to Turkey can lead to very high tax amount. You may not be able to use your car permanently in Turkey. Instead, you can use it in Turkey just for 6 months. But after six months, you must take it out of Turkey again for another six-month period. Otherwise, you may have to pay very high taxes, or your vehicle may be impounded.

If you have received a retirement visa, you can use your vehicle in Turkey for a maximum of one year. If you stay in Turkey as a foreign diplomat, you can obtain a diplomatic license from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior without paying any tax.

The documents that you need to use your vehicle in Turkey are as follows: a residence permit, a work permit (if you are working), a certificate showing your retirement salary (if you are retired), a certificate from the institution you study (if you are a student), a copy of your driver's license, a copy of your passport, a copy of your insurance certificate, the warranty certificate depending on the age and volume of your vehicle, the delivery receipt of your car from the related Customs Directorate.

You must obtain notarized translations before submitting all your documents to the related department of the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey. Depending on the features of your car, you must pay a customs fee to the Customs Office. Then, you must register your car with the Traffic Division and obtain the license of your car. This License will be valid throughout your residence and your work permit.

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