Generally speaking, Bosporus is famous for coastal restaurants, bars and clubs. However, it’s impossible to name just one location for night life. It’s rather scattered around the whole city centre. While prominent areas are Ortaköy, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Nişantaşı and Taksim, there are many venues of all sizes in the other areas.

But here are the most popular ones.

Looking for somewhere with first-class ambiance? Sortie is offering an unmatched feeling with its spectacular scenery of beautiful Bosporus, the biggest venue where you can enjoy every minute of your day, enjoy the moment, spend a good time with your guests, organize your special occasions and take advantage of a modern and entertaining life.

Meaning exit in French, Sortie can be your gateway to another yet charming face of life. Located on an area of 3500 square meter, the venue began in 2012. Now it’s serving 12 months of the year and hosting 7 restaurants that is offering remarkable examples of the world cuisine.

A gem located in Bosporus, Ruby enraptures with its breath-taking ambiance, flashy Bosporus sight and of course exclusive flavours. At Ruby, the day starts at 17:00 and it’s guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. Spend your night at Ruby, watch the most beautiful view in the city, or in the world indeed, enjoy the waterside spaciousness from your gazebo.

Built in a three-storey mansion, Ruby is offering unique interpretations of its awarded bartenders, signature drinks, a selection of snacks as well as after
dinner digestives and tasteful delicacies.

Ulus 29
Located in Beşiktaş, the most exciting and entertaining district of Istanbul, Ulus 29 is facing the Bosporus and Asian coasts. Its fancy and spacious restaurant is presenting excellent examples both from modern and traditional tastes of world cuisine. Founded in 1993, Ulus 29 has a well-established reputation among the other night clubs. Don’t forget to book your table if you are planning an exceptional night out.

360 Istanbul
360 Istanbul is the star of its location. Built in a 19th-century penthouse, it has an incomparable 360-degree landscape. Taking the name from its amazing view, 360 Istanbul is looking to Bosporus, Golden Horn, The beautiful Sea of Marmara and many other iconic spots of the city.

An alternative and dynamic ambiance with a wonderful view of course, limitless entertainment, unique architecture and distinctive flavours are the core elements of 360 Istanbul.

Cahide Müzikhol
Before opened in 2017, the same venue used to be a famous music hall that countless stars from all over the world visited. Cahide Müzikhol opened 2 years ago in Harbiye, Şişli and still continues the same music hall ambiance and modern cabaret shows. Just watching the special design and entertaining costumes of the performing artists can turn your night into a charming experience. The architecture and design are full of exaggerated details. You may encounter interesting cocktail names and surprising tastes.

Let’s take a different turn into more performance-based venues. Babylon was founded in 1999 and now it is one of the most famous places offering quality music. It’s rather a global hub for both local and international music lovers. It’s possible to enjoy the live performances of many artists and musicians from all genres and tastes. Moved to Bomonti, Beşiktaş in 2015, the venue has become a state of art, multi-purpose live performance centre. Plan your night, make a new discovery, enjoy the music with Babylon.

One of the most popular night clubs of Istanbul, Klein opened the doors in Harbiye, Şişli. Klein is famous for hosting the most popular DJs such as Christian Löffler, Valeron, Goldcap and Akumandra. While serving fine dining tastes and delicious selections, summer-version Klein Garten is offering amazing Golden Horn view. To have a wonderful night till the earliest daylights with distinguished guests, turn your route to Klein.

Offering a unique alternative in Bebek, the heart of Istanbul night life with its exceptional decoration, one of a kind and special menu, Chilai Bebek gets the highest credit with its music style, which is beyond the standards. From assertive pieces of the chill-out, ambient, bossa nova and downtempo music styles to smooth jazz, it all depends on the hour and floor. For art and museum lovers, it is also surprising to find special selections of paintings and sculptures at Chilai.

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